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Our solutions are high-quality, increase value for the end user and the efficiency of your business. We can develop eCommerce software for various industries: enterprises, B2B retail chains, B2C marketplaces, small and medium businesses.

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Magento is one of the most popular CMS platforms for online stores. It is a high performance and highly scalable platform for building e-commerce systems of different classes on any hosting.

The system is based on open source technology, which gives you high level of control and flexibility. It has content management functions, powerful marketing tools, search engine optimization and product catalog management. 

The solution is great for medium and large businesses and we advice using Magento CMS if your shop has a large quantity of products. 

We can help you maintain your current Magento webshop, develop custom extensions, integrate it with third party applications, migrate data or develop and design your brand new shop. 


Joomla CMS is a open-source engine with a convenient administrative panel that has hundreds of plugins and design templates available. 

It’s written in PHP and JavaScript and includes various tools for website development and administration. This system is perfect for small shops with an assortment of several hundred products.

An important feature  is a minimum set of tools for initial installation. This reduces administrative panel cluttering with unnecessary elements, as well as reduces the load on the server and saves space on the hosting.

We have been working with Joomla CMS for several years and are experts in this field – we can help you with any task you will have, whether it is site maintenance, development of custom modules, hosting and more. 


WordPress is the most simple and affordable system for eCommerce. This system is the perfect match for startups or smaller shops, with up to 100-200 items in your product catalogue.

There is a wide range of themes, plugins and widgets available. You can get a modern and functional store for a small budget, but still allowing for any type of customization you might have. 

WordPress is extremely user-friendly, and maintaining your shop, updating products, adding blog posts and more, will be easy for administrators.

We can help you with the maintenance of your WordPress shop or develop and configuration of your new shop. Moreover, we can help with hosting support, integration with third party applications and assist with widgets.


Shopify CMS is a recognized leader in the market of eCommerce platforms. One of the main reasons for Shopify’s success is the ability to adapt Its app store to expand your online store: the system offers hundreds of apps and professional themes – more than any other competitor. 

It is also worth noting the ability to blog and manage orders and customers using the admin panel and not least perfect SEO optimization. 

We can help you get you up and running with your new Shopify store, modify and optimize your existing solution or integrate it with third party apps.


Frameworks vs. CMS

If you want to build a high performance eCommerce shop with very specific requirements, you should consider using a advanced PHP framework. We work with the most modern and high-technological solutions like Symfony, Laravel and Yii.

Below we have tried to list the pros and cons for using a framework for your eCommerce shop in comparison with a CMS. 


CMS is a good choice for simple and common projects: you can use add-on modules to design applications that are fairly close to your needs, as long as the required modules are available and maintained, or we can develop own modules that are almost perfect close to your business needs.

  • Good for simple and common projects
  • Extensive range of add-ons to fit your needs
  • A lot of different functions and modules build-in in the native CMS
  • Difficult to adjust 100 % to your business needs
  • Volatile and potential security issues
  • Not suitable for high-performance applications
  • Lower speed and flexibility


Frameworks is a good solution for all kinds of projects, especially for large projects and if you need integration with your business applications. We can easily create an application with perfect functions and appearance, as well as high performance and load times.

  • Can be perfectly adjusted to your business needs
  • High performance, fast & flexible
  • High level of protection and security
  • Easy and fast to implement new and upgrade existing features
  • Save time and money in future
  • Technical expertise required to implement new features
  • Higher cost to develop

Checkout some of our recent projects


Fashion & Watches

We worked with the luxury watch and accessories brand Manniche.com on designing and developing their website.

The site is developed in WordPress and WooCommerce.



We worked with leading Danish course & education site, to develop & design a custom CMS and booking solution with several third party integrations.

The site is developed in Joomla CMS.



We worked with the Danish jewellery company JEWLSCPH.com to maintain and improve their existing site as well as integrate with third party solutions.

The site is developed in Magento.


Tour company

We worked with the exclusive Scottish tour company Mcintochtours.co.uk to do a complete visual identity, design and integrate their new website and integrate a custom booking module.

The site is developed in WordPress and WooCommerce.

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